2016 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week Press Registration

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2016 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week Press Registration

■  How to RSVP as Press for a Pass

All press members participating in the 『2016 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week』 should RSVP online to receive a pass.

RSVP is required to enter the press room and you can enter all of the shows with the pass.

To reserve a seat at the fashion show, however, you should contact each designer personally to receive an invitation.


- RSVP online on Seoul Fashion Week Homepage( between February 24th, 2016 (Wed), and March 10th (Thurs), 24:00 (additional RSVP not accepted).

- RSVP is required for both returning and new press members. 
- Each individual member should RSVP personally, not as media or company. 
- A picture must be uploaded upon RSVP for identification (enter name of company and reporter on the file name). 

② Pass

- Approval of RSVP will be sent to the email address provided on March 14th , 2016 (Mon).

- Barcodes will be sent to approved media members via e-mail.
※ If lost, it cannot be replaced or reprinted onsite. 
※ Please kindly understand that approval may be refused inevitably due to limited space available for the press members.

■  Press RSVP

○ Limited Number of Reporters from Each Media


Inside Announcement Hall

(access to press room)

Outside Announcement Hall

(outside photo line)



5 per media

2 per media

Contact designer individually


 4 per media



○ Policy for reserving a seat at the show

-  If you have not received an invitation, you should contact the designer personally to receive a ticket for a seat in order to visit the show.
※ Each designer’s contact information is on Seoul Fashion Week ( official homepage. 

○ Policy for photo walls

- Two separate photo walls for inside and outside of Announcement Hall.
- Photographers should choose to be at the outside photo wall or inside photo wall at the time of RSVP (cannot choose both).
- Photographers approved for the outside photo wall cannot enter the Announcement Hall.

○ Policy for backstage

- To enter the backstage, contact the designer personally to
receive a pass (press pass does not grant access to the backstage)

p_pdf_s.gif SFW_FW2016schedule.pdf

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